Pinnacle Peak Road is a key link in the regional roadway network through the Sonoran Desert in the northern area of Scottsdale, Arizona. With the natural sculptural landscape forms, exotic blooming colors of the local plant materials and wildlife, sense of solitude and lovely quality of the light and dark and starry skies, the context is beautiful, yet fragile. Alluvium pursues the notion of a sustainable roadway model for Scottsdale, while creating a commensal relationship with the area’s icon, Pinnacle Peak. Rubberized asphalt paving colored to visually merge with the desert context, glasphalt at intersections and crosswalks, pervious concrete sidewalks, trails made with decomposed granite rolled into hot asphalt, solar-powered lighting, and a new sculptural approach to the relationship between drainage culverts and the environment at washes, all combine with the native plants and boulders of the area to create a new conception of a scenic corridor and roadway design.