Brad Goldberg

Artist Brad Goldberg sees his work as a fusion between sculpture, landscape, and the built environment. Sculptures are seen, not as isolated objects, but rather as spirit-creating components of larger spatial experiences. The desire to work with the environment as a whole allows the creation of a unique non-preconceived response to the total aspect of a place.

Brad is an idea generator who has worked collaboratively with artists, design professionals, civic leaders, and communities. Whether working with architects and engineers, craftsmen and contractors, or fabricating his own work, Brad is experienced in dealing with the realities of creating an artwork within a complex environment. “In time,” he states, “with many experiences layered over one another, I am hoping my work will reflect a cultural collage more in keeping with artistic truths than passing fashions.”

Diana Goldberg

To know the work of Brad Goldberg, one must understand his intimately intertwined, long-term collaborative relationship with Diana Goldberg. With a degree in painting, print-making and graphic design, Diana met Brad in the early 80’s when they became cognizant of a shared vision and creative understanding. Since that time they have worked together creating the collective works found on this website, as well as making a life together.

The two have an inseparable working relationship built around each other’s strengths, allowing them greater freedom to create and manage their unusual lifestyle. Diana works in some capacity on all projects fulfilling a wide range of roles: research, design, fabrication, and the management of a small creative business. The many years of a successful working relationship and the resulting body of work are a testament to Diana’s varied and significant talents.