indian black granite block, campolonghi
beach on ligurian sea, lerici
fisherman on marble jetty between cinquale and massa
il torre, pisa
steps up il torre, pisa
steps, il torre, pisa
marble carpet, duomo, pisa
polychrome marble facade, duomo, lucca
clouds, alpi apuana, above massa
panorama, il monte altissimo, cervaiole
monte altissimo on a clear day
altissimo shrouded in the clouds on the morning of ascent to taca bianca
switchback quarry road
lower entrance, taca bianca quarry, altissimo
steep and very narrow ascent on marble steps to taca bianca quarry, altissimo
final approach to upper galleries on lizzatura path taca bianca, altissimo
white marble blocks on lizzatura taca bianca, altissimo
interior taca bianca, altissimo
hole to sky taca bianca, altissimo
view back toward azzano, la capella and the sea, taca bianca, altissimo
rose window, la capella, attributed to michaelangelo
cervaiole from above terlinca
in the clouds, top of henraux cervaiole quarry
cervaiole quarry
la facciata, above torano
top of la facciata with window view into container
turning a loaf at la facciata quarry
deep valley quarry and switchback road above carrara
switchback quarry road from top of la facciata
ponte vara above carrara
entrance to sponda quarry
marble blocks at sponda quarry
squaring delicato block, la facciata, with bardiglio wall in background
lizzatura at monte tambura
lizzatura rigging
cistern, castello malaspina, massa
loggia column in main piazza, carrara
cardoso and bianco di carrara door detail in pietrasanta
polychrome marble columns, duomo, siena
plasters at cervetti, pietrasanta
four seasons caryatids, carrara
teatro animosi, carrara
public fountain, massa
blockyard, campolonghi italia
santa maria novella, firenze
pietra serena roughback, firenzuola
pietra serena steps with autumn leaves, firenzuola
walking feet on pietra serena paving, pietrasanta
pietra serena drain, carrara
steps and ramps, massa
olives, antico ulivetti, querceta
root of olive tree, solaio
guido gustavo gozzano quote on wall, lerici
small piazza with cafe and pizzeria, lucca
sycamore with chair in small piazza, lucca
fava beans and parmigiano
view into food shop, lucca
vratza cathedral